How We Started

Campia's long heritage started in the 1920's when silk was nearly impossible to obtain. Our founder Samuel Klaus made a decision to buy used parachute silk, and hire artists to hand paint beautiful floral designs. The company started selling neckties, and soon after started translating these works of art into beautiful tropical shirts.


Our Goals

Our goal in creating these one of a kind pieces of artwork is to inspire our lives to be a little more beautiful, fun, light, and emotional. Here at Campia, we don't feel like you need to be on vacation, to actually feel relaxed and cheerfull. Our mission is not just to make a great shirt at a great value, but to make the world just a little bit brighter.


Why We're Unique

Why we're unique? Most print shirt makers use around 4-6 colors in there designs. We use up to 14 colors. We don't use any computer work with our designs... All of them are hand painted from all over the world!